Monday, November 14, 2011

My Big pre holiday Diwali order..

I have to share this story with everyone who loves Masala Popsicles..
I got an enquiry from a friend of my husband, who runs an eatery in Bangalore, asking if I could do an order of 30 Ganeshas for their clients, as Corporate Diwali gifts. I was a little apprehensive since I've never done an order so big.
I love challenges and agreed to take on the order and Wow, what a herculean task it was for me ( since I individually hand paint all my products) over a span of 8 days I painstakingly managed to paint 30 Ganeshas and deliver it to our friend , a week before Diwali.

Doing such a big order was such an adrenalin rush for me and I'm so glad I could finish it on time , along with all the last minute Diwali orders that came to me a day before  was to leave on my month long vacation to Dubai..
Here are some pictures.. 

How beautiful do they look!!!